Health and leisure


Following your arrival in Switzerland, we recommend that you find a doctor (GP). Your doctor is your contact person for health issues who will treat you when you are ill or will refer you to a specialist. You only need to go to hospital in an emergency or if you have been referred to a hospital by your doctor. If you only have a minor complaint, you may also ask your pharmacist for advice. At the pharmacy you can obtain over the counter medicine without a doctor’s prescription.

The emergency card gives you an overview of the most important services offering help and assistance in the Canton of Basel-Stadt to victims of domestic violence.

The Canton of Basel-Stadt and its municipalities Riehen and Bettingen are located in the vicinity of a Swiss nuclear power plant. As a precaution, you will receive a voucher for iodine tablets with your registration. The iodine tablets are free of charge and can be obtained from any pharmacy or drugstore. For more information, please consult the following websites :

Leisure activities